Parenting After Adoption

A not-for-profit Support Group for Parents with Adopted Children, based in Ontario, Canada

"....Some of the adoption-related challenges my wife and I were experiencing with our younger boy were confusing and exhausting.  There were others in the group who had gone through something similar.  It was a relief to be able to talk to someone who "got it", and was able to give us constructive advice......"
(Adoptive father of 3 1/2 year-old boy)


We now have two branches of Parenting After Adoption!

The original group is based in Mississauga, Ontario, and the second group, Parenting After Adoption, North, meets occasionally in Bolton.

We have changed the format of our meetings,  focussing on several joint events with our children - such as a Tobogganing Day or Skating Party, a Summer BBQ, a Sports Day or Pool Day, a Hallowe'en or Harvest Festival Day.  We are now holding only 2 support meeting per year - in April and September (but we are flexible, if the need is there).

2008 Meeting Schedule for the Mississauga branch of PAA:

Sat     Feb 9     10:00 am    Tobogganing Day or Skating Party
Tues   Apr 15    7:30 pm    General Meeting, Mississauga
Sat     Jun 21    11:00 am    BBQ
Sat     Aug 16   10:00 am    Swimming/Splashpad
Tues   Sep 16     7:30 pm    Support Meeting, Mississauga
Sat     Oct 18    10:30 am    Harvest Festival Day
Sat      Dec 6     12 – 4pm   Christmas Pot Luck Party, Mississauga

For futher details on the Mississauga or Bolton meetings or events, please call Paul at (905) 278-5022

Resources on Adoption & Parenting
     PAA Resource - Adoption Booklist
      PAA Resource - ADHD
      PAA Resource - Sibling Rivalry
      PAA Resource - Attachment Disorder
      PAA Resource - Parenting the Explosive Child
     Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption - Beginnners Guide to Adoption (Adobe .pdf file)

Healthcare Professionals - Adoption Related
    (Under Construction)

Community Champions Network - Post Adoption Support Initiative in Ontario
    (Under Construction)

Association of Adoptive Parents of Ontario
    (Under Construction)

Adoption-related Events in the Toronto Area

    Adopt Ontario
     Adoption Resource Exchange - April 2008

     Adoption Council of Ontario
      Family Helper
      Parentbooks Bookstore (in Toronto) (U.S. site)
      Center for Family Development (U.S. site)
      Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges(U.S. site)

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